in the key of ❤️ encore

What a treat to have our beautiful daughter and granddaughter visiting for the first time since January, and what a beautiful bracelet my granddaughter made for me as a present.


joy to the world



“Evoke the excitement of entering a new year with a photo that shows growth.”

I can’t think of anything more perfect with which to respond to this first photo challenge of the year from Jen than these two photos of our beautiful granddaughter exactly one year apart enjoying Santa’s gifts on Xmas day.

Xmas Day 2016

Xmas Day 2017

Growth was also seen in our family in 2017 as we celebrated the birth of our second beautiful granddaughter in May who like her cousin gives her parents and grandparents nothing but pure joy.


Wishing everyone such joy and happiness in the year ahead.

Symbol ii

Can there be a more perfect symbol of love, joy, trust and hope than the grasp of the little hand of our beautiful granddaughter who is two weeks old today.

Although I posted this photo the day after she was born, I hope you agree that this close up is worth the re-post in response to Jen’s invitations for this Week’s Photo Challenge, to “…share a symbol with us, and tell us what it means to you.”

Studio 365: Day 179

Day 179 iii

From Studio to Nursery I

Day 179 ii

From Studio to Nursery II

All ready and waiting for the most beautiful little girl in the world. A heartfelt Thank You for all your warm good wishes, lovely words of congratulations and all the “likes”. Please know how much they have been appreciated.

Frame of Mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

frame of mind ii

My mind would be full of nothing but joy, sunshine, happiness and love for my son and his beautiful bride who were married on Saturday.   Love to them both.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy


…Jumping for Joy has never looked more joyful than in this picture of our daughter, with whom we are spending the best Christmas. Having featured her in last week’s Photo Challenge on her first birthday what better way to end the year than with that beautiful smile again…