WPC: Layered

Layered I 20.9.17

In response to this week’s Photo Challenge: Layered in which Ben asked us to “explore the interplay of texture and depth” and share “a layered image of your own,” it was out to the studio and a serendipitous exploration of the merging of layers of acrylic colours, the results of which couldn’t have been more pleasing. I hope you agree.

Layered II 20.9.17

Take a look at another “Over my shoulder” video to see how Layered I was created

Over my shoulder VIII: Layered

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From Yardwork to Artwork: The Margarita Story Part Two


After Part 1, time for Part 2

out of focus

A colourful start to the week with photos, paintings and palettes out of focus in the studio
illustrating “the sensations of the moment” can so often be simply the joy of colour.

brought to you by the color green

This week’s Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green! is “all about color,” says Michelle.

What better way to celebrate the color green than through a gallery of snippets of palettes and paintings that I have posted over the past few years. If you wish to see the full image, each one is linked to its original post . Enjoy 🙂





tulips on the roof


These tulips looked even more glorious atop the roof and against the bluest of skies today.

the y of yellow

y of yellow ii

…meets the curve of black
whilst red stands

A second in response to this week’s Photo Challenge from Cheri who asks us to:
“Find inspiration in the curves around you.”

curve vb

A Year of Monday Bouquets

When I published the first Monday Bouquet at the beginning of the year I wrote that my goal for 2014 would be “to post a bouquet, photographed or painted, each Monday throughout the year.” With the posting of yesterday’s Monday Bouquet, which is to be the last, I’m happy to say that my goal has been met.

I hope you enjoy the warmth and colour of today’s gallery of all the bouquets and perhaps find one that you might like to download to brighten your days in the year to come. If you do, let me know which one you choose. I certainly have my favourites now that I see them all together for the first time.

My thanks to all of you for visiting this past year and commenting so warmly.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.