1. Today I am driving to Liverpool for my daughter’s Graduation as a Batchelor of Fine Arts tomorrow. I am taking my mother and we are staying at the Adelphi Hotel. The reason for the choice is that 73 years ago my mother attended her sister’s 21st birthday ball at the hotel. Her sister was called Marguerite. Just to square the circle, my daughter’s diminutive name is Daisy. Which is, of course itself is a diminutive of Marguerite. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have followed this two parter – it feels like one of those wonderful kismet connections and I thank you delightedly for your wonderful work. 💝😌

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Osyth (as long as you weren’t texting it whilst driving). My warmest congratulations and best wishes to Daisy on her graduation and a special hello and congratulations to mum on having both a brilliant and artistic daughter and granddaughter. Have a wonderful celebration 😊 💐

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      1. Don’t get me started on texting and driving – ZERO tolerance. Thank you for your lovely message … I showed it to my daughter last night and she positively beamed 😊

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