Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers or Birth of a Painting

Cypress Alleway

…Every painting tells a story and no more so than in the layers that lie beneath the finished work. My painting entitled Cypress Alleyway was inspired by a visit to Castello di Reschio in Umbria and a photograph I took of that glorious Italian landscape…


…Back home in my studio a canvas was stretched and gessoed, a charcoal sketch developed, loose thin layers of acrylic paint applied until, finally…

Reschio i

Reschio ii

Reschio iii

Cypress Alleway

…I could feel the warmth of that Umbrian sun and I knew that I had arrived…


  1. I wish I had your skills, I always thought painting would be a great passion to follow. It has to be so relaxing and pleasant… You did an amazing job with that painting Andrew, I love the colors and the vibes that this landscape conveys…


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