Advent Calendar


Thank you to David’s Tea – It’s teatime in the studio all the time repurposing their Advent Calendar and solving the problem of my palette of mixed acrylic paint drying out too quickly in this heat.

a new year’s eve retrospecteave

No, I didn’t accidentally misspell retrospective; let me explain. This is David’s Teas Advent Calendar for 2016. You may remember the 2015 calendar from my Moment of Zen.


For this last Discover Challenge of the year from The Daily Post we have been asked “to pull all the strands of your 2016 together before diving into the new year.” So here is a look back at thechangingpalette in 2016 with some favourites of both yours and mine. You will find two from each month in the drawers of the Calendar, but remember you must open them in order.

Happy hunting.

25262728 29303132 33343536 37383940 41424344


Happy New Year to everyone. I look forward to seeing you in 2017, as much as I look forward to drinking David’s delicious teas. They are simply the best.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

vibrant i

Advent Palette I 29.1.16

You may remember my Moment of Zen in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle earlier this month using David’s Tea wonderful Advent Calendar for 2015. I had been planning to re-purpose the empty glass tea pots and today’s Weekly Photo Challenge from Jen was the perfect stimulus to create an Advent Palette full of vibrant colours.

vibrant iv

vibrant ii

vibrant vi

Advent Palette II  29.1.16

Many thanks to David’s Tea.

moment of zen

zen ii

One of twenty-four terrific teas to taste from David’s Teas 2015 Advent Calendar.

Teatime iii

Teatime i

Teartime ii

…for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle