Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O



No surprise that the spectacular Fall colours from our recent trip to Quebec found their way into the studio today with the magic of water, paint, brushes and a little imagination.



  1. Andrew, you are such an inspiration with your painting but I have a question. Do you keep bowls of colors like this to use as a wash instead of pans of color to dip the brush? I am trying my hand at watercolors and there is an overwhelming abundance of material that it leaves me confused. Thanks so much.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Loisa. I use both pans of color and freshly made washes. If you haven’t read my excerpts from Tony Smibert’s book Painting Landscapes from the Imagination (http://wp.me/p3gSod-3LJ) take a look, as you will find his recommendations and instructions really so very helpful. Best wishes…Andrew

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