a year of sundays

Discover Challenge: Animal

This week Cheri asks us to “look to the bond between human and animal for inspiration…If you currently have or have had a pet,”she writes, “you know the bond between human and animal is special, strong, and irreplaceable.”


Well the bond between Sunday, who walked into our lives twelve years ago on a Sunday, and me is indeed “special strong and irreplaceable.” These twelve calendar photos show why, particularly the last one where she has joined me in the studio and where she is right now as I am writing this post.

Wishing all my friends here in Canada a very Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. happy Thanksgiving Andrew!
    what a fab collection of Sunday portraits… my favs are her peeping in the towel and her classic pose with the newspaper headline “life” 🙂
    I really enjoyed all of these immensely!! cheers, Debi


    1. Thanks Debi for your Thanksgiving good wishes. Sunday is really very special as you can see. Her peeping out from the towel is my wife’s favourite. I think the best title for this one is “the cat sat in the mat” Best wishes 🙂

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