branch majesty

I rescued this majestic branch whilst walking home one day last summer and brought it back to the studio. It was about to be pulverized in a wood chipper but like the photinia that you will remember from my yard work to art work story, it became my model.

branch-iii     branch-iv
Using the small branches from the photinia as drawing tools it started to come to life transforming my empty sheet of Arches watercolour paper one warm July day.

branch-v     branch-iib

Finally, as I completed the painting today with the brushes from the Gift of the Four Treasures, the spirit of the branch filled the studio once again and its story was complete.


  1. beautiful depth to this with all the gorgeous layers of tones Andrew. Plus, I really like the splatters, the splashes, the randomness of the paint drops upon the paper creating a sense of liveliness to the design. 🙂

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      1. hi Andrew, my pleasure! Its not so easy to get ‘greens’ just right and have depth; but you did 🙂 Your greater range of greens, certainly made a difference. LOVE that it is a full sheet!

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    1. Thanks Nicole. Every painting is different. Some can take just a few minutes, others may continue over hours and days, and sometimes if revisited even months like Branch Majesty. The challenge is always to know when a painting is finished. 🙂

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