monochrome monday remembrance



the secret path

Today’s painting was inspired by last night’s broadcast on CBC television of Gord Downie’s film, The Secret Path. The film acknowledges a dark part of Canada’s history – the long-suppressed mistreatment of indigenous children and families by the residential school system and tells the story of twelve year old Chanie Wenjack who died alone beside the train tracks fifty years ago on October 22, 1966 whilst trying to walk home to his family from whom he was taken over 400 miles away

If you can find an hour take the time and see the film, and be as moved as I was. Learn Chanie Wenjack’s heartbreaking story, listen to Gord Downie’s unforgettable songs and music and be inspired by award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire’s illustrations. You can find the film here on the CBC website: The Secret Path.

Dedicated to the memory of Chanie Wenjack


      1. We must never lose hope for when we lose hope we lose the will to change- I wish Canada well in this initiative, I wish Canada strength and I wish Canada the continuation of the spirit which makes her enviable to much of the rest of the world 🙏🏼


      2. I watched a documentary on Tzar Nicolas, Kaiser Wilhelm and George 5 last night …. the skeletons just those three leaders left in their respective cupboards made my toes curl. I think all we can do is to aspire to be a prototype for change and understand that neither Rome nor perfection is built in a day and tragedy can be used to remind us of the place we must not go again …. random musings of an overactive mind – sorry

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