A Glimpse into 2017


I am greatly honoured to have been invited to be one of the contributors to WordPress Discover’s A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in The New Year (Part II) published today. My thanks to Cheri and The Daily Post for inviting me to participate and to whom the imaginary faux envelope containing my reply was addressed.

camillia mini ii

The Vancouver postmark on the envelope began with a vintage 1932 image I found online.


With a little Photoshop Elements magic I rearranged the numbers for 2016,


and with a little more magic superimposed the Vancouver skyline stamp…et voila.


You may remember the bouquet I chose taken from The Gift of the Four Treasures: Part Two

2 vi

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, and as I wrote at the end of the WordPress Discover post, “I look forward to enjoying the fruits of your own blogging resolutions in 2017.”


You can read the contributions of my fellow participants here in Part I .


  1. I knew that was you on WP Discover before I even looked at the blogger’s name. That is my very favorite bouquet and it looked lovely on the postcard. Congrats to you, Andrew, for being featured.

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  2. Wonderful Andrew! I saw that in my email today from Daily Post! It always makes me smile to see one of my favorite people honored! Love all your work and thank you for always inspiring us Andrew! Happy New Year and looking forward to following you in 2017!

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    1. Thank you so much Nicole. Your lovely words are greatly appreciated but especially because they come from someone I admire so much who is one of the most inspiring humanitarians I know. I too look forward to following you in 2017 and wish you the happiest of new year’s.

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      1. Oh thank you Andrew! Your words mean a lot because I always feel like I’m not doing enough and get disappointed in myself. Yet my time will come and for now kids are my largest focus in life. I need to ensure they are the next generation of humanitarians! 🙂 A lot they will need to do and help with!

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  3. When will you stop impressing me? probably the reason why even though I am not on wordpress as often as I used to, I remain a very regular visitor of your blogallery. I love this one, especially because I have always been a bit nostalgic of those times when we took the time to write and stamp a letter. What a treat it would have been to get one in such a precious envelop ! Happy Holidays Andrew to you and your loved ones, and thanks again for sharing your art with us

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  4. Hi Andrew, I’m new to the blogging world and WordPress took me to your site.
    I love your feed, and I look forward to feel more inspired with your work! Happy 2017 🙂

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