Studio 365: Day 358

Day 93

April: What a sensational month this was in every way and in the true meaning of the word in which our senses were stimulated by landscapes full of color, light, shadow and depth, with vistas stretching as far as the eye could see in Agassiz, British Columbia or Bryce Canyon, Utah and no further than the length of one’s arms in Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

Day 358 iii Day 358 ii

The memory of the Tulips of the Valley Festival in Agassiz BC lingered for days and resulted in some joyful paintings later in the studio. If you would like to relive the day visit my slideshow of those glorious fields of colour that I posted on April 12th under the title Petal Power.

Day 96 v  Day 102  Day 105 iii

But as you know more was yet to come. What can I say about our visit to the canyons of Arizona, Utah and Nevada? I had seen so many photos of Antelope Canyon and finally had the opportunity to see for myself.  Nothing compares to being  enveloped by the natural beauty that surrounds you, which can only be described as simply awe inspiring.  The galleries of photos on Days 109 and 110 say it all; here are just three from them.

v       i      xvii

…and my treasure from the trip this Great Horned Owl feather from Owl Canyon.

Day 118 ii

Finally a painting from the month that joins my favourites of the year and titled Blurred Lines. The steps of its development can be seen on Day 95.

Day 95 vii

Happy Xmas Eve


  1. Andrew thank you very much for taking time to visit my blog & write all those wonderful wishes!! Just wanted to tell you, your work is really beautiful and wish to you and your family, Happy Christmas!! 🙂

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