Day: December 22, 2015

Studio 365: Day 356

Day 353 iii

February: New York, New York was definitely the highlight of the month. After our disappointment at having to cancel because of the weather in January we made a last minute decision to have a long weekend and took the red eye flight on the evening of Thursday the 6th. We arrived in New York early the next morning and didn’t stop for three days, taking in the Matisse Cut-Out exhibition at MOMA on Friday, the 9/11 Memorial site and Museum on Saturday, and the Metropolitan Museum on Sunday. The Freedom Tower overlooking the Memorial site was a powerful image that I tried to capture in the studio on our return.  I wrote that it seemed to represent not only freedom but so much more: defiance, resilience, endurance, hope and above all remembrance.

Day 44 iv

On the 18th I posted about our visit to MOMA which I cheekily entitled MOMA Mia. If you haven’t seen it take a look as you might enjoy the slide show of some of my favourite pieces in the museum.  I also posted a slide show of our afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum entitled Well Met on the 20th; cheesy titles I know.

Day 355     Day 50 iii

The month also include collages and my early attempts at light painting photography, which definitely improved as the year continued.

Day 52 vi