Month: November 2015

Studio 365: Day 334

Day 334 ii

Hoarfrost I 30.11.15 Watercolor on Yupo paper.

Day 334 viii

Hoarfrost II 30.11.15 Watercolor and Ink on Yupo paper.

Studio 365: Day 333

Day 333

A trio of threes for today and perhaps the the most literal representation of the word trio, unfortunately a week late for last week’s Photo Challenge. Nevertheless on this three hundred and thirty third day of the year I have been ruminating on threes all day. It’s amazing just how many exist in our memory bank; here are ten of them:

  • Those three blind mice never had a chance.
  • I wonder if the three coins are still in the fountain?
  • Goldilocks and her three bears.
  • Prokofiev and his love for those three oranges.
  • What about the three billy goats…so gruff!
  • Athos, Porthos and Aramis meet monsieur d’Artagnan, he’d like to join your guard.
  • Yes sir, Yes sir, Three bags full…and don’t forget the little boy who lives down the lane.
  • That third little pig knew to build his (or was it her) house with bricks…on your way big, bad wolf.
  • The Three Graces – beauty, charm and joy.
  • The Tricolour, together with Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité.

…and so many more.  Why not add some of your own.

Day 333 iii

This background to today’s image is a photograph I took this morning of frost on a glass tabletop on our deck. Winter is close at hand!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

In November 2013 for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers I posted the progress from blank canvas to finished painting of the beautiful Cypress Alleyway at Castello di Reschio in Umbria, Italy. Since two years have now gone by this week’s Photo Challenge: Transition seemed to be the perfect excuse to re-purpose Birth of a Painting. I hope you agree.


Reschio ii

Reschio iii

Cypress Alleway

Studio 365: Day 330

Day 330 iv

Dad’s Tools I 26.11.15

A little explanation for today’s image.  Yesterday whilst working on Lascaux II using my late dad’s chisel shaping and carving the plaster, I felt that his tools, which I have been using for so many years with much love and remembrance, deserved a feature of their own for they have a real beauty, and share a wonderful history going back many decades.

Day 330 iii

Thanks Dad.

Day 329 vi

Studio 365: Day 328

The Chief

Stawamus Chief Acrylic and Plaster 78″ x 64″

Since I have not been in the studio today, and in follow up to yesterday’s Lascaux Cave, I thought I would post this painting from a few years back of the magnificent face of the Stawamus Chief in the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in Squamish BC. Although on a different scale to the Lascaux Cave, the technique once again used a combination of Polyfilla and paint, this time acrylic rather than watercolour.

The Chief

There are three hiking trails on the Chief that take you to three different peaks where the view from each across Howe Sound simply takes your breath away.

Chief iii

With the new Sea to Sky Gondola however now it is possible to experience the same views with a little less effort, but definately with a lot less sense of achievement.

Chief ii

Here you can see the three peaks of the Chief viewed from the gondola on the way down to earth.

Studio 365: Day 326

Day 326 iv

The studio is mobile this weekend so here is a photo trio of today’s early morning sky…

Day 326 vi

…courtesy of a little experimental manipulation with Photoshop Elements.

Day 326 vii