Studio 365: Day 310

Day 310 i

Lascaux I 6.11.15 ongoing

One of the highlights of our recent holiday in the Dordogne in southwestern France was visiting a replica of the cave of Lascaux in the Vézère Valley. The decorations by prehistoric man in the Magdalenian Period over 17000 years ago, with its primitive pictures of oxen, horses, bison and stags and many unknown symbols, are simply breathtaking. The cave was discovered in September 1940 but closed in 1963. An exact replica of one-third of the cave, Lascaux II, was opened 200 metres from the original cave in 1983. It was a memorable day indeed.

Day 310 ii           Day 310 iii


  1. I’ve never been though driven past several times. It is something I MUST make time to do. That evidence of man the artist stretching back over multiple milennia is quite awe-inspiring to contemplate.

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