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Trémolat acrylic on canvas

Studio 365: Day 362

Day 363 iv
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October: The header today is of my table top in the studio, which I posted on October 11th, the day before we left for our two week visit to England and France, and the day the studio was tidied up for the first time in months as you will have seen from the photos that day.

The previous week we enjoyed Autumn in all its glory on our final walk along the Admiralty Trail before leaving on our trip, a walk I posted about on October 5th for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries.

The table top and the trees seem to complement each other just perfectly, which I have to add only became apparent as I composed today’s post; serendipity working its magic once again.

Those of you who joined us, albeit virtually, on our European adventure will know what an unforgettable time we had.  The photos I posted each day said it all so as a little reminder here is a slideshow of some of my favourites, many of which became paintings on our return.  If you are visiting thechangingpalette for the first time and would like to learn more about the places we visited in London and the beautiful Périgord region of south west France why not browse through Days 287 to 299.

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October was not entirely without its paintings.  These are from the beginning of the month before we left.

Studio 365: Day 338

Day 338 iii

La Roque-Gageac, Dordogne, France 4.12.15 Pen and Ink

Studio 365: Day 337

Day 337 ii

La Roque-Gageac I 3.12.15

Day 337 iii

La Roque-Gageac II 3.12.15

Studio 365: Day 323

Day 323

Monbazillac I, Dordogne, France 19.11.15

Day 323

Palette 19.11.15

Studio 365: Day 313

Day 313 iii

Montignac sur Vizérè Reflections 9.11.15

Day 313

Palette – Day 313