35 mm film

Happy Birthday Ma’am

HM iiib

On March 16th 1973 Her Majesty the Queen opened the new London Bridge just round the corner from Guy’s Hospital where I was working at the time. With my new Pentax Spotmatic at the ready off I went and was able to capture some memorable moments from the day.

HM ib

The negatives have been protected in their plastic sleeves over all these years and today seemed the perfect time to revisit them. They’ve stood the test of time pretty well.

HM iib

I even discovered online today a British Movietone newsreel of the day, which is wonderful archive worth taking a look at.

HM ivb

Happy Birthday Ma’am


Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

weight vi

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) from Ben has given me the perfect excuse to open up the archives once again and revisit a never-to-be-forgotten afternoon nearly fifty years ago shooting rehearsals at Covent Garden in London. You may remember my other archival visit in response to the Photo Challenge: Broken last May, which I cheekily entitled “Peeping Beauty”. As I wrote then, my negatives are as pristine today in their protective sleeves as they were all those years ago.

Although I love the convenience of modern day digital photography, I have to confess there is something magical about 35 mm film as I think back and remember waiting anxiously for those images to slowly appear in the dim orange light of the photographic dark room.

weight vii

I hope you’ll agree the image I have chosen has “the air of weightlessness” about it that Ben has asked us for.