Her Majesty the Queen

RIP Your Majesty

Two special memories: watching the coronation in 1953 as an 8 year old little boy on our 9 inch black and white Pye television, and taking this picture of Her Majesty in March 1973 opening the new London Bridge around the corner from Guy’s Hospital where I was working. May she Rest In Peace.

salute to a hero

“It’s been an absolutely magnificent day for me,” said Capt Sir Tom Moore after being knighted by the Queen at Windsor Castle today. I think it was a magnificent day for everyone Sir Tom. Congratulations on an honour so richly deserved.

Happy Birthday Ma’am

HM iiib

On March 16th 1973 Her Majesty the Queen opened the new London Bridge just round the corner from Guy’s Hospital where I was working at the time. With my new Pentax Spotmatic at the ready off I went and was able to capture some memorable moments from the day.

HM ib

The negatives have been protected in their plastic sleeves over all these years and today seemed the perfect time to revisit them. They’ve stood the test of time pretty well.

HM iib

I even discovered online today a British Movietone newsreel of the day, which is wonderful archive worth taking a look at.

HM ivb

Happy Birthday Ma’am