Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

weight vi

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less) from Ben has given me the perfect excuse to open up the archives once again and revisit a never-to-be-forgotten afternoon nearly fifty years ago shooting rehearsals at Covent Garden in London. You may remember my other archival visit in response to the Photo Challenge: Broken last May, which I cheekily entitled “Peeping Beauty”. As I wrote then, my negatives are as pristine today in their protective sleeves as they were all those years ago.

Although I love the convenience of modern day digital photography, I have to confess there is something magical about 35 mm film as I think back and remember waiting anxiously for those images to slowly appear in the dim orange light of the photographic dark room.

weight vii

I hope you’ll agree the image I have chosen has “the air of weightlessness” about it that Ben has asked us for.


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