Pen and Ink



Waterloo I 3.11.15 matted and framed.


Waterloo Station today. 

It’s good to be back. 

From Yardwork to Artwork: The Lavender Story

Our Lavender Provencal is spectacular this year.

This bouquet picked today is filling the house with its wonderful aroma…


…but as you can see I couldn’t resist a stopover in the studio on the way.

I am Orlando


Last year I was Charlie and then Paris, today I am Orlando, and once again find myself needing to express my solidarity and sympathy through the best way I know how with all those mourning today in Orlando, in the United States and around the world and particularly with all those in the LGBT community.

From Yardwork to Artwork: The Photinia Story Part Three

branch iv

branch lines I 6.6.16

After the success of From Yardwork to Artwork: The Photinia Story Part One and Part Two,  today Part Three will feature the photinia branches themselves that I have discovered make such versatile drawing tools.

branch v

One branch in particular has become a favourite as it takes on so many roles as you will see in the video later in the post.  The wonderful marks it can make depend on so many factors. They can be either broad or fine depending on the angle at which it is being held it, and opaque or transparent depending on the pressure exerted. Plus the extra bonus is the frottage that the underlying wood of the drawing board produces within the lines themselves.

I think I’ll let the bough take a bow.

branch x

Why not find your own branch, buy some drawing ink and paper, and make your own branch lines. Let me know how it goes.

branch viii

branch lines II 6.6.16

branch ii      branch iii

branch ix

branch lines III 7.6.16

over my shoulder IV – the making of branch lines III

If you would like to see more over my shoulder videos here are the links:

over my shoulder I

over my shoulder II

over my shoulder III

Life Imitates Art

The texture of the lines reminded me of figure drawings of mine from over thirty years ago, which I have now taken out from a drawer in the studio and pinned to the studio wall. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming next.

figures i

Finally, I’m linking today’s post to this week’s Discover Challenge: Origin Story for two reasons.

First, The Photinia Story Parts One, Two, and Three are all about the origin of an image and the story behind how it is created.

Second, and the main reason with Father’s Day so close at hand, is to dedicate this post to the memory of my late father who set me on the path of making art from a very early age. He was an amateur artist himself and this painting of his hangs proudly in my office at home. It is a constant reminder of the true gentle man that he was.


Thanks Dad

Machu Picchu Revisited

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu 1.6.16

Every day is an adventure in the studio and today was no exception. With a sparkling new Arches pad, together with Krista’s prompt to choose our own adventure for this week’s Discover Challenge, Machu Picchu seemed to be the obvious subject to revisit.

Machu Pichhu ii

Those of you who follow my blog will know that the greatest adventure of our lives was the six day trek my wife and I took in 2013 to Machu Picchu. I started the blog in May that year before we left so that family and friends could be part of the adventure, albeit virtually.

Machu Picchu iii

Over the past three years I have posted many photos from the trip, including a gallery in response to Krista’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward last year, but with her prompt today and my pristine new Arches pad, I think June may become Machu Picchu month in the studio.

adventure iv

Stay tuned…

trail mix

admiralty arch

admiralty arch

Following our Admiralty Trail walk two days ago two watercolours for Earth Day today.