Waterloo I 3.11.15 matted and framed.


Waterloo Station today. 

It’s good to be back. 


  1. amazing ❤ first welcome back! next is fab choice for double matting & frame, perfect.
    then, I thought this was a Brilliant showcase of discretion.
    You placed Color… judiciously. In key places. Drawing us in.
    The foundation in ink was not overdone either. With all the distractions, details, things happening, at Waterloo, your restraint in putting in only what was most relevant was fantastic.

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    1. Thanks so much for such a lovely critique Debi, Now back home and will hope to catch up over the next few days. It was a wonderful holiday and all that we could have hoped for and much more. Warm wishes.


      1. glad your holidays were wonderful, those memories with loved ones are imo, the real treasures. Now…. its time to begin, shopping for your grandchildren’s christmas! LOL
        OK, its a little early 🙂

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