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the day after


Familiar to many of you, my favourite muse, Kitsilano Beach after yesterday’s snow.

For more wintery images of this special place visit backdrop to a life: Part 1 and Part 2

“Ambience has the power to uplift your mood,” writes Jeff Golenski in his introduction to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.




On a clear, crisp Saturday yesterday, this was a rare site in Vancouver’s Vanier Park, which definitely uplifted our mood as we walked by in the afternoon sunshine. But to fully appreciate the joy of the scene the sounds that accompany it and heard in the following brief video will complete the picture.


Aquabus vi


With a thank you to Cheri one final post for the last day of this week’s Photo Challenge as we catch the Aquabus back to Granville Island and head on home. Here you have a better view of the third bridge that crosses False Creek, the Cambie Street Bridge, and in the distance below the span you can just make out the geodesic dome of Science World from where we have just walked and from where yesterday’s panorama was taken.
Aquabus v

Before we leave one final view of Burrard Bridge where these last seven days of landscape photos began last Friday. I hope you have enjoyed the views as much as we did on our walk last weekend. Thanks for joining us.

BC Place ii


After leaving Granville Island our weekend walk took us to the east end of False Creek from where when you look back you can see the residences of Olympic Village on the south side built for the 2010 games, the Cambie Street Bridge way in the distance, and BC Place Stadium on the north side. This panorama shot was taken from the deck outside the geodesic dome of Vancouver’s Science World that opened for the World Fair in 1986 (Expo 86). As you can see the pedestrian and cycle pathway takes you around the creek and then carries on to Stanley Park so all can enjoy one of the world’s most accessible, varied and so often stunning urban landscapes.


Science world
between bridges iv

Our walk now takes us under Burrard Bridge and past the fishing boats and sail boats moored in False Creek as we make our way towards Granville Island situated under the Granville Street Bridge, with the high rises of downtown Vancouver seen across the water.  The yellow building in the centre is a popular Vancouver restaurant appropriately called Bridges. And so within a few short steps the landscape has changed again.

English Bay

Walking across Burrard Bridge in Vancouver this morning and looking out to English Bay the view was more spectacular than ever. I paused in the middle of the span and took this shot using the panorama setting on my iPhone 6S. It was only later that I checked this week’s Photo Challenge from Cheri in which she has invited us to “share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting.” I think this will do don’t you? 🙂

If you would like to see more pictures of this beautiful Art Deco Bridge that was opened in 1932 check out my post a bridge for all from November 2014, which I posted at that time for the third week of Cheri’s Photography 101.

Happy first day of April.