the bus stops here

Aquabus vi


With a thank you to Cheri one final post for the last day of this week’s Photo Challenge as we catch the Aquabus back to Granville Island and head on home. Here you have a better view of the third bridge that crosses False Creek, the Cambie Street Bridge, and in the distance below the span you can just make out the geodesic dome of Science World from where we have just walked and from where yesterday’s panorama was taken.
Aquabus v

Before we leave one final view of Burrard Bridge where these last seven days of landscape photos began last Friday. I hope you have enjoyed the views as much as we did on our walk last weekend. Thanks for joining us.


  1. How exciting to see these lovely photos of a very special place. I love false creek and have walked both sides many many times. I go to Vancouver often. My sister lives on a house boat moored at a private co-op marina just minutes away from Granville Island.

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