all time favorites

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is sadly the last from The Daily Post and we have been asked to choose our all time favourites, an almost impossible task after five years of posting regularly to the challenges each week.

Those of you who follow thechangingpalette however shouldn’t be surprised that I would choose these photos from last August’s Photo Challenge: Corner of my beautiful granddaughter painting with me in my studio, on that day perhaps the happiest corner in all the world.

Thanks to everyone at The Daily Post for a great ride.

See you all in the blogosphere.


  1. What a wonderful selection of dizzingly delightful pictures to end with. I have a heavy heart as I know do many others but the silver lining of it all has been the opportunity to meet brilliant, creative, thoughtful and intelligent people along the way. Yup – that about sums you up, Sir!

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  2. fabulous choices. The Hands… I love how you have featured them in the photos. There is something so magical and filled with possibilities, held within their hands. Beautiful ❤

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      1. I know many Grandparents who are sadly lacking in the ‘caring’ department. I love, to see Grandparents who instead – light up with joy. Its one reason its so fun to see your posts with yours 🙂

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