For this week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post one of my happiest corners this past week was the corner of my work table in the studio where the real artist in the family, in less than an hour, gave me a lesson in impressionism, abstract expressionism and action painting.

Oh, what joy!

With thanks to my daughter for the photo of my beautiful granddaughter and me.


  1. Oh so beautiful … the simple joy of a child creating. Your wonderful pictures, so evocative of what childhood should be brought to mind this video that I posted on FaceBook yesterday and tagged my daughters with the comment ‘all children deserve to be children’ and further announcing that I want to run away and join this circus. Which is true. Anyway, I share it with you now because you made me think of it all over again and that in itself is a kind of joy, though a bittersweet one …

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful and uplifting link Osyth that I hope my followers who read your lovely comment will open. Bittersweet indeed and I understand your desire to run away and join them. Warm wishes 🙂

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