Studio 365: Day 364

Day 364 ii

December:  As you will have read yesterday we spent Christmas in Los Angeles. On Boxing Day morning we walked through Grand Hope Park in downtown LA where this poetic plaque welcomes you at its entrance…

Day 364 iii

…It was a beautiful, clear, warm, sunny morning and the trees, buildings, blossoms, shadows and architecture, all created a perfect reflection of the magic of the city. It was also an opportunity for me to experiment with my new iPhone 6S with which all the photos were taken…

…and Star Wars The Force Awakens in the afternoon did not disappoint

Day 364 xix

See you for New Year’s Eve and Day 365 tomorrow.


  1. On this eve of all things new, this cusp of awakening and this moment brim-ful of hope as it ever it is, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful celebration, a moment to share wishes at midnight and the desire that they will all come true as 2016 unfurls herself relentlessly to become, as we all will a memory, but I do hope, a good one 🙂

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  2. We were so tired we shared or wishes at 22:15 and fell asleep … anno domini – nothing stops it’s relentless march no matter how hard I try to resist my daughters’ declaration that I am getting old!!

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