Studio 365: Day 361

Day 214 ii

August and September: Lots of great memories from the warm, long days of summer and time to put into practice my Lessons from the Great Masters. One particular sunny weekend we had a blissful early morning walk along Spanish banks and through the shaded Admiralty Trail in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Back in the studio I tried to re-capture English Bay with the Vancouver skyline, and the shimmering canopy of trees and leaves along the trail, in both watercolour and pen and ink.

Day 217    Day 219 ii

pacific spirit b&w ii      Day 215

At the end of August a visit to see our granddaughter included a glorious day at the beautiful Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.

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The beginning of September then saw us in the magnificent wine country of the Okanagan…

Day 249 iv

…followed by a drive to Whistler on Day 250 with spectacular views you may remember of the Fraser River and Coast Mountains between Lytton and Lillouet.

Day 250 v     Day 250 iii

Throughout the two months I painted most days and surprised myself at continuing to meet my goal from New Year’s Day.

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One final painting to join the favourites, this one of the wedding bouquet carried by our daughter a year ago which I painted for her first wedding anniversary on August 24th.

Day 237 vi


  1. I loved the lessons from Great Masters series and bought two copies of the book one for each of my art student daughters (well one is doing Fashion Design and Illustration but let’s not split hairs) …. which they got for Christmas. I will share there results when I know them! For me in this collection the bouquet has to be my favourite – what a wonderful gift for your daughter from her daddy. I can think of nothing more lovely 🙂

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