Studio 365: Day 223

Day 223 ii

Serendipitous Portrait 11.8.15 Pen and Ink

This portrait was truly serendipitous. Allow me to explain. It began as a blank sheet of watercolour paper to which washes of clear water were added randomly. After a few brisk strokes of the pen the ink began to flow freely and suddenly, to my complete and absolute amazement, a definite and somewhat familiar face began to appear. Where had I seen it before?  I knew the answer might be found in one of the studio drawers and after searching for some time through worn, familiar folders there buried amongst a pile of old drawings I found what I was looking for, a self-portrait I had made in 1971.

Day 223 iii

The mind does indeed work in mysterious ways. Happily the search allowed me to re-visit drawings and images from years past some of which may now see the light of day once more.


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