Granville Bridge v


We’ve arrived at Granville Island on our weekend walk and here below the Granville Street Bridge you can see the Aquabus water taxis waiting to take you up and down False Creek. The photobombing seagull was a complete surprise however and clearly felt the landscape wouldn’t be complete without him. Serendipity at work once again.

Check out the great Granville Island website and learn all about one of Vancouver’s jewels.

Studio 365: Day 284

Day 284 vii

Table-top abstraction I 11.10.15

Day 284 v

Finally, today was clean up day as we leave for England and France tomorrow for two weeks. Underneath all the brushes, palettes and paints were these wonderful serendipitous abstractions. They have a wonderful life of their own I hope you agree.

Day 284 ii

Table-top abstraction II 11.10.15

Day 284 viii

Day 284 iii       Day 284 iv

Hopefully Wi-Fi will allow Studio 365 to be mobile with my camera and laptop as we travel.

Day 284 vi

Hasn’t been this tidy in months!

Studio 365: Day 223

Day 223 ii

Serendipitous Portrait 11.8.15 Pen and Ink

This portrait was truly serendipitous. Allow me to explain. It began as a blank sheet of watercolour paper to which washes of clear water were added randomly. After a few brisk strokes of the pen the ink began to flow freely and suddenly, to my complete and absolute amazement, a definite and somewhat familiar face began to appear. Where had I seen it before?  I knew the answer might be found in one of the studio drawers and after searching for some time through worn, familiar folders there buried amongst a pile of old drawings I found what I was looking for, a self-portrait I had made in 1971.

Day 223 iii

The mind does indeed work in mysterious ways. Happily the search allowed me to re-visit drawings and images from years past some of which may now see the light of day once more.