Day: January 26, 2015

Studio 365: Day 26

New York i

So much for our visit to New York today and the Matisse exhibition tomorrow, which we had to cancel with Winter Storm Juno blanketing the East Coast tonight. Instead here’s my expression of New York with a collage I created after a visit in 1993, a visit which was also for a Matisse exhibition.

Day 26 i

“The first time I saw America, I mean New York, at 7 o’clock in the evening, this gold and black block in the night, reflected in the water, I was in complete ecstasy.  Someone near me on the boat said: It’s a spangled dress, which helped me to arrive at my own image. New York seemed to me like a gold nugget”

 from, Henri Matisse statements on travel to Tériade, 1929

Wishing those of you in the gold nugget city warmer days to come soon.

Day 26ii