Studio 365: Day 146

Day 146 ii

Florence Study I 26.5.15


Journal 9.IV.2000

So many treasures visited on this memorable day. To explain the last entry, we often had dinner in the stations of many Italian cities. As I recall Florence station was one of the best.  No need for reservation…”our usual table” was always available.

Studio 365: Day 145

Day 145

 Finale Ligure reflection 25.5.15

After Manarola we stayed in the Youth Hostel in Finale Ligure, the magnificent Castello Vuillerman. We’ll never forger climbing the more than three hundred steps, with packs on our backs, to the Castello where the view of the city, seen in this window reflection, was well worth the climb.

Final Ligure

Journal  2.VII.99

Studio 365: Day 144

A maintenance day in the studio today with stretching and wiring. Stay tuned for the images to be revealed in a few weeks time. Back to Italy and the journal tomorrow but in the meantime a painting from a while ago. This one of Riomaggiore, another of Cinque Terra’s five villages, where we began our walk along the Via dell’ Amore to Manarola.


Riomaggiore, Cinque Terra

Studio 365: Day 143

Day 143 iii

Siena study I 23.5.15

Day 143 ii

Journal  13.VII.99

Memories of the warm stones of the Piazza del Campo that July evening, after a day spent seeing the glorious treasures of this historic medieval Italian city, come flooding back, and especially that “magnificent sandwich” of Parma ham, cheese and pesto from Antica Pizzicheria.

Studio 365: Day 142

Day 142 iv

Venice study I 22.5.15

Painting this watercolour and ink sketch in the studio this afternoon allowed me to re-visit our magical trip to Venice in July 1999, a visit documented in a precious journal that I kept throughout our Italian travels that year.

Venice ii

Over the next few days I think I’ll continue with the Italian theme that I’ve started as it is reviving such happy memories, and re-visit a few more special places together with their associated journal entries. I hope you’ll come with me.



Studio 365: Day139


Manarola, Cinque Terra

No studio time today but instead a painting from a few years back after our visit to magical Cinque Terra on the Italian Riviera. After taking the train to Riomaggiore we walked along the Via dell’ Amore to Manarola where we spent the night. Sitting on the terrace that evening under the awning of the restaurant you can see on the quayside I shall never forget having the best Pasta al Pesto in the world.

via amore