Oh Canada. They stood on guard for us.

Ottawa ii

 R.I.P. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo murdered today guarding the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

Ottawa iii

R.I.P. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, murdered two days ago in Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

This has been a sad week for all Canadians.  This painting by Georgia O’Keeffe from The Philips Collection in Washington entitled Leaf Motif 1,   expresses the emotions I feel tonight.

maple leaf

Monochrome Madness Week 34

refraction iii

My submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Week 34, with a little colorful modification, is the sparkling crystal chandelier from the Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction.  Visit Leanne’s blog to see all the other Monochrome Madness images in her wonderful gallery this week; you won’t be disappointed.

Dare Quam Accipere

Thomas Guy
My earliest memory of Thomas Guy was seeing him on his pedestal in the forecourt of Guy’s Hospital the day I came for my medical school interview.  I wonder what he thought of this keen young man, wide-eyed and full of enthusiasm striding passed him towards his hoped-for future. I hope he was pleased with what he saw, for I would see him every day for many years to come. Occasionally I would remember to wish him a good morning or a good evening, and thank him for founding this great hospital all those years ago in 1721.

Thomas Guy ii

And so it was that fifty years ago I began my medical studies; and so it is this very day marks the fiftieth anniversary of the edition of the Guy’s Hospital Gazette that welcomed us all as students of one of the finest medical schools in the world. I hope all medical students everywhere beginning their own journeys this month will enjoy the words of Passim written by the then editors of the Gazette, Drs. Davis and Hicks. Their timely and inspiring words will serve them well, as they did us, in the years to come.  Remember to highlight the text to enlarge it and read it more easily.

gazettePassim ii

Much has changed over the past fifty years.  Guy’s has joined Kings’s College Hospital and St Thomas’s Hospital and the combined institution is now known as the Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ School of Medicine at Kings College London.  The good news is that the editors of the GKT Gazette are developing an open access digital library that will collate all of the published issues since the inaugural Guy’s Hospital Gazette of 1872 , for which our thanks are very much in order.

crest ii
This post is in response to Ben’s Daily Prompt: Reverse Shot. What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.