A book for our time.

Last Friday I had the good fortune to attend the book launch of Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist by Dr. Martina Scholtens. I am featuring it today on thechangingpalette to encourage you all to read Martina’s moving reflections on her ten years at the Bridge Refugee Clinic here in Vancouver. It is a book for our time and Martina’s writing inspires us all. Congratulations Martina and thank you.

Martina’s book is available from All Lit Up, Amazon.ca, Indigo, Amazon.com, Target and Barnes & Noble, and Banyen Books in Vancouver.

Studio 365: Day 227

Not at home, so…

Day 227 iii
…here is another find from the studio bottom drawer from a series of visual puns I had been having fun creating some years ago. This one is entitled, not surprisingly, Knot a Painting.

As I’m away this weekend here are a few more images in the same vein, which some of you may remember…

knotapainting ii     notapainting

…together with a story I wrote in April last year in response to a Writing Challenge to craft a story in Fifty words .

Homage to Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis

Knot at Home


Gregory awoke, still seated in his armchair, newspaper in hand.

Something felt very different.

He knew he was knot the same.

“I am in a giant Perspex box” he thought.

He remembered a book he had once read about a man becoming a fly.

He knew it didn’t end well.

not at home

Not at Home

…but home tomorrow.

A Yellow Tale: part ii

“I couldn’t wait any longer and have assumed that our suspicions were correct and that you have indeed been followed. When I arrive I’ll wait in the lane beside the bookstore as planned. Perhaps it would be best if I dispose of the yellow hoodie and become a little less conspicuous. I hope you make it and we can finally stop being in transit all the time.”
to be continued…