A Yellow Tale: part ii

“I couldn’t wait any longer and have assumed that our suspicions were correct and that you have indeed been followed. When I arrive I’ll wait in the lane beside the bookstore as planned. Perhaps it would be best if I dispose of the yellow hoodie and become a little less conspicuous. I hope you make it and we can finally stop being in transit all the time.”
to be continued…

Travel Theme: Meeting Places – A Yellow Tale

Waterloo ii

“Lets meet in the Departure Hall of Waterloo Station at 11:15. I’ll be waiting on the steps by the escalator wearing a yellow hoodie. You can’t miss me, and make sure you’re not being followed. If you haven’t arrived by 11:30 I’ll assume that you have been and will see you there. Remember to bring the tickets and your passport. Not long now!”
to be continued…