Barcelona Beautiful


Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that we have just returned from a truly memorable visit to the beautiful and historic city of Barcelona.

For my changingpalette followers here are some of our favourite moments, from Antoni Gaudi’s stunning Sagrada Familia cathedral, to his La Pedrera rooftop sculptures and his mosaics in Park Guell, to the glorious paintings of Joan Miro at the Fundacio Joan Miro in Parc de Montjuic, to dinner at the iconic 4Gats restaurant and before leaving the celebrations in the streets on Spain’s National holiday on October 12th.

As you watch the slideshow enjoy the guitar of Edgar Moffatt who treated us to his art as we waited in line for the opening of The Prado in Madrid. (Our Madrid visit to follow).



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A year of maturdays


The Gondolas study I – pen, brush and ink, matted and framed

With this last maturday of the year, and what is to be the final one of the series, here is a look back at all the others since I began posting them every Saturday since the end of February. Do you have any favourites? I know I do.

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Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and creative New Year.


Bridging time, place, studio and friends, this photo was taken in Venice almost twenty years ago. Back in the studio a few years later it inspired the painting that then became a gift to dear friends.

Speaking of bridges here are a few featured on thechangingpalette over the past few years:

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“The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Tra La”

No, my wanderlust has not taken me to the tulip fields of Holland but to the Tulips of the Valley Festival here in Chilliwack, British Columbia, an hour’s drive from Vancouver. My last visit to the festival was in 2015 and which I shared with you in my post Petal Power. With the Festival’s new location this year our visit on Tuesday was perfect for this week’s Photo Challenge as no borders needed to be crossed to visit this little piece of heaven on earth filled with its seven million blooms. Enjoy the slide show and have your spirits raised with this seasonly perfect Gilbert and Sullivan classic from the Mikado performed by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company.

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escape with me

I have a treat for you today. Come and join me on my morning walk yesterday and escape for a few minutes from the hate, the anger, the despair, and the noise that we are all being pummelled with each and every day. I don’t know about you but my troubled soul needed a little healing and when the sun rose yesterday on freshly fallen snow with the mountains stark against the bluest of skies, I knew all I had to do was dress warmly, put on my boots and venture out into the crisp air and morning sunshine.  I’m happy to say it worked.


It didn’t take long to enjoy every magical moment with everyone else who was out and about.


This gallery, which I have also made into a slide show, I hope will help sooth your soul too.

This next photo is for Cheri and her Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow


As I came closer to the trees  in Vanier Park I was greeted by a symphony of sound that made me stop in my tracks and listen for several minutes, joined by others who were equally as enthralled.  Here is a short excerpt from my post entitled Birdsong for today’s Daily Prompt: Heard.  If you feel like pausing for a minute or two and hearing more visit the post and listen to it all.

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I hope this has made your day as much as it did mine.

go figure


In Part Three of The Photinia Story I described how drawing with the photinia branches reminded me of my figure studies from over thirty years ago and led me to burrow through my bottom drawer in the studio and bring out old friends I hadn’t seen in years. It also provided an opportunity to photograph and document them, the results of which I hope you will enjoy.

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Studio 365: Day 359

Day 129 vi

Palette Day 129 – May9th

May: After our amazing travels in April, studio time in May was all about expressing on canvas and paper the memories that were still fresh in my mind. My post on Day 135 brought them all together on the studio wall where they stayed for a day or two.

Day 135 vi

The evolution of the paintings of Bryce and Antelope Canyons at the centre of the wall can be seen on Day 129 and Day 133

Day 129 i       Day 133 ib

…and my treasured feather was featured on Day 126 when I wrote that I felt it had “magical properties”

Day 126 iii

For the rest of May it was all about Bella Italia as I re-visited my journal from 1999-2000 and left the canyons of Arizona and Utah for the beauty of our favourite country, Italy.

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Finally, perhaps my favourite image from the month posted on May 15 in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped, the treasured letters from my father to my mother a few weeks before their marriage in 1936, which I titled for obvious reasons my dearest sweetheart.


A special image full of love with which to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Xmas Day.

Studio 365: Day 72

Day 72

For today’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall, I posted this photograph in response to Cheri asking us to Share an image of a wall that reveals something about a place, people, or you. .

For Studio 365: Day 72 I thought I would add a slide show of the wall’s somewhat eclectic content for those who might be interested. It includes photos of places like Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, St. Antimo, Tuscany, paintings and photographs of mine that may be familiar to some of you, and a special treasure, a painting by my daughter. The pieces keep changing of course but the gallery makes for a great record of a moment in time. I hope you enjoy it.

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