Protest Art

22 new leaves and remembrance


666…in progress – Day XX11

…on a day on which we remember all those who lost their lives in Paris 5 years ago today..

In remembrance this was my post on November 15, 2015
Studio 365: Day 319

Day 319

I wrote, on Studio 365: Day 11 after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, how I fell in love with Paris on my first visit there as a young boy in August 1962. I posted a drawing I had made sitting in the Tuileries Garden on a beautiful summer’s Day. Now, here I am on Day 319 once again expressing solidarity and sympathy through the best way I know how with all those mourning today in Paris, in France and around the world. The drawing from that same never-to-be-forgotten visit in 1962 is of one of bridges over the Seine, when one of the most beautiful cities in the world inspired a young boy who has felt that inspiration ever since.  Je suis Paris.

546 to 666

666…in progress – Day XVIII

546 tonight becomes 666 with 24 new leaves for a total of 387. Today it was reported that the number of separated children for whom they have been not been able to find parents has now increased to 666. 129 of these children were under 5 at the time of their separation and included babes in arms. The sunny view of the week ahead I celebrated this morning is sadly cloudy once again…and my leaves for the children continues.

15 new leaves


546…in progress – Day XVII
The count for the presidency may be over but my count for the separated children, which began on October 22nd, continued today for a new total of 363.

patience is a virtue


546 day XVI – First leaf of the day…

…a day on which the expression “patience is a virtue” could not be more meaningful.

22 new leaves


546…in progress – Day XV


324 leaves


The beauty of some of the source material.

looking up


546 day XV – First leaf of the day, and looking up with number 303 against a blue, blue sky.
No stopping the count here.