Month: August 2020

efernally grateful

Efernally grateful to the majesty of the Pacific Spirit Park that has been a sanctuary of peace and beauty throughout the challenging months of Covid, as it was again today on this eve of the new month ahead.






no end in sight

After enjoying a week of pure joy here at home sadly it seems nothing has changed in Trump’s America where the carnage and mayhem continues unabated with no end in sight.

family is everything

So many great memories from a wonderful family week…

…especially cousin time…

…and ending today with the artist at work in the studio with her own original leaf creations from start to finish.

We miss them both already and hope we are together again soon.



Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

On a day that is all about anniversary celebrations we celebrated our 46th today.
Where did the time go?

sunflower heaven


The Chilliwack Sunflower Festival in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley was the perfect place to visit today in these challenging times to enjoy fields of sunflowers of every kind together with wonderful gladioli and dahlia bonuses.




how many more times…

The shooting of Jacob Blake in front of his three young childen continues the absolute need for peaceful protest. Reposting this detail from a previous post is an expression of that sense of outrage and anger. How many more times must we say “enough?”

in the key of ❤️ encore

What a treat to have our beautiful daughter and granddaughter visiting for the first time since January, and what a beautiful bracelet my granddaughter made for me as a present.