Oh Canada…


These six beautiful fallen maple leaves that featured in my post to celebrate the first day of Fall last September have such a different meaning today. With a breaking heart I send condolences and sympathy to the six families who lost their loved ones in the terrorist attack in Quebec City last night and to those recovering in hospital I wish a full and speedy recovery.


  1. This atrocious act of barbary hurted us all so deeply. My heart goes with all the victimes and their loved ones, and to your beautiful countrymen. We are living an incredible times, and resisting and promoting the values of tolerance, peace and respect are no longer an option. With much love,

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  2. I’m catching up after a week of moving to our 6-month place in Grenoble. I must comment that this is a beautiful though heartbreaking tribute to the victims of the appalling events of last week.

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