“practice, practice, practice”

“You can learn from teachers, fellow painters, books, videos, seminars and so on. But you won’t really understand the medium until you can use it. Hence, the key to understanding is
practice, practice, practice.”

Tony Smibert, from Chapter 1: Painting Landscapes from your Imagination


Taking this advice to heart today was just that, as I finished Chapter 8
with more of Tony’s exercises in composition, color and confidence.

loti12xii   loti12ix     loti12x


Worldwatercolormonth Day 12


  1. Oh yes! You are so right! I promise I’ll beat my fear and just start using the IRL pensils – it’s just so much easier with the editing programs and apps. I don’t use aquarell colors though. Have tried that and it became a disaster. Acrylic colors, pens, crayons and other stuff is more likely to be my tools. I found a glue with colored glitter the other day, and it was really fun testing it .

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  2. Lovely post! I love your light-hearted sketches. I hear ‘practice’ in a double meaning. The obvious repeat to develop skills AND ALSO the daily discipline of being an artist. The practice of painting every afternoon relaxes me ~ sets me right with the world. Thank you for your post Andrew!

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