imbued with possibilities


Todays title is taken from Tony Smibert’s Introduction to Painting Landscapes from your Imagination.  The book is a joy to read and full of a wonderfully inspiring text from which I will take my favourite quotations over the next few weeks. The full quote today reads:

“When a watercolour emerges from the wash, it does so imbued with possibilities.” 

loti3i   loti3ii

This exercise is entitled Sunset over the Valley and combines the various washes from the last two days, namely flat, graduated and variegated.  Adding the graduated sunset wash in the top right hand corner was a quiet revelation.  It involved turning the board, wetting the sky up to the edge of the mountains and then dropping in the red which then charged the wetted area –  oh what joy! Light red was recommended for this but not having any I combined brilliant red with burnt sienna with a satisfying result I feel.

loti3iv   loti3v


Worldwatercolormonth Day 3

I would like to dedicate today’s post to the memory of those who lost their lives so cruelly in Baghdad and Bangladesh.


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