Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

For this week’s Photo Challenge: Opposites Ben invites us to “show how opposites can tell a story about people, places, or objects. The tension can reside in what you choose to show — old vs. new, big vs. small, dark vs. light — or in how you frame and design your shot.




In this photo of the work table in my studio, which I think meets Ben’s criteria, the two watercolour paintings opposite each other are of different views of the McDowell Sonoran Reserve in Arizona. I have also submitted this today as part of a post for Worldwatercolor month under the title “Be your own painter,” where you can read more about the story behind the title.


  1. And it gives a mere mortal like me who may or may not have the ability to make words sound logical (or even abstract when it comes to a push) a view into a world of someone which do not need words.

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