Month: August 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Dialogue i        Dialogue ii


Dialogue iii

Dialogue iv

The dialogue between the photograph and the painting as it changes continues until that moment when the conversation ends and the painting is considered finished. The two photographs were taken at the magical Castello di Reschio in Umbria and the paintings completed in my studio back home. I have previously posted the different stages of the second painting, entitled Cypress Alleyway, in response to a previous WPC: Layers, for those of you who would like to have a “virtual” studio visit.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

fray vi


“Photographs will always be impressive because they show us nature, and all artists will find in them a world of sensations.”

Henri Matisse; Statement on Photography, 1908

The frayed tassels of the well-worn bookmarks of my treasured Henri Matisse: a novel by Louis Aragon, which you will have seen recently residing on my library shelf.


fray viii

Beauty and the Beach

Whether you’re dancing…

yoga iii


Kits beach strolling


kits beach ii




volleyball ii


sunset viii


sunset iv



jumping for joy…

sunset vi

or simply just sitting and watching the sunset…

kits beach

…There is nowhere better than to be on Kitsilano Beach on a perfect Vancouver evening.

In response to Ben asking us “What makes us go “Click!” and as a final submission to Cheri’s WPC “Silhouette”. Those of you who have been following my blog know that Kits Beach and English Bay are two of my favourite subjects and you can find more pictures by following the links from my tags below.

Take my hand

silhouette xi

The cropped version of Silhouette 2 for the WPC seemed to deserve its own post. I hope you agree…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette 2

silhouette ix

Another breathtaking sunset over English Bay tonight with more silhouettes on Kits Beach to share with you that couldn’t be more perfect.

Poetry in Motion

silhouettte vi
silhouette iv
silhouette iii
silhouette vii
For lovers of So You Think You Can Dance I took these photographs during the broadcast just over a week ago of the exquisite Jacque Le Warne dancing a pas de deux with allstar Chehon Wespi-Tschopp. They were choreographed by the brilliant Travis Wall and were dancing to the Adagio for TRON by Daft Punk. If you saw this magical performance, which was made even more magical by their silhouettes, I’m sure you will agree that it was sublime in every way; true Poetry in Motion….