Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!


…with one day of the Weekly Photo Challenge to go I couldn’t resist adding the most memorable breakfast in the world on the terrace of Chateau Eza in the beautiful mountain village of Eze high above Beaulieu-Sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on the French Riviera. What a “good morning” it was! Some moments are just never forgotten…


    1. Thanks Johannes. The photo was taken in July 2009, but I can still taste those sausages and tomatoes just thinking about them. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to exploring your blog, wayfaringfocus. Cheers…Andrew


  1. I find myself becoming more and more jealous the longer I peruse your blog:) I couldn’t find any information about you on here. Are you a travel photographer or do you just do this for fun? Either way, I think you should start bringing me along as a gesture of good will:)


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