Month: November 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Lights of Hope ii
…The always brilliant annual “Lights of Hope” display adorning the face of St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver…
Lights of Hope ib
…with 10 kilometers of lights built entirely by volunteers for the Hospital Foundation’s annual fundraising campaign…
Lights of Hope iii
This great hospital was founded in 1894 and over the past one hundred and twenty years its dedicated, compassionate and outstanding staff have provided simply the best health care to millions…
LIghts of Hope iv
…and although the lights will be turned on for the last time on January 6th, the legacy of hope, dedication, skill and excellence will continue each and every day of the year. If you would like to learn more about the campaign visit the Foundation’s website:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

…The abstract beauty created by the colors reflected and refracted in this fountain of water was completely unexpected…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers 2

…Layers of snow blanket Whistler Mountain but come summer the slopes are bare and there is the joy of hiking the high alpine meadows…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers or Birth of a Painting

Cypress Alleway

…Every painting tells a story and no more so than in the layers that lie beneath the finished work. My painting entitled Cypress Alleyway was inspired by a visit to Castello di Reschio in Umbria and a photograph I took of that glorious Italian landscape…


…Back home in my studio a canvas was stretched and gessoed, a charcoal sketch developed, loose thin layers of acrylic paint applied until, finally…

Reschio i

Reschio ii

Reschio iii

Cypress Alleway

…I could feel the warmth of that Umbrian sun and I knew that I had arrived…

Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me

“Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever traveled from home.”

FourMileBeach ii
…A few years ago we travelled to Port Douglas in northern Queensland, Australia. One morning we rose early to walk along the famous Four Mile Beach to see the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning as we walked south along the beach for about an hour. Not a person in sight; just us and the rising sun. Where was everyone on such a perfect day?
It was on our return that we saw the sign.
The reason for our solitude was explained, and we were alive, happily, to tell the tale!

Remembrance Day Vancouver

RD xb
…In Vancouver Canada yesterday, November 11th, many thousands came to the Annual Remembrance Day Service in Victory Square, stood silently at the eleventh hour, and then lined the streets to applaud and thank the marching heroes…
RD iv

Poppy ii