Capture the Colour 2013

…so here are my submissions for Travel Supermarket’s 2013 photo contest Capture the Colour. What better way to “capture the colour” than with photos from our trek to Machu Picchu in June with Mountain Lodges of Peru; and if this is your first visit to thechangingpalette, you are welcome to experience more of our adventure-of-a-lifetime, and stay awhile…

…nothing was more colourful and uplifting than the costumes and smiling faces in the main square of Cusco for the Winter Solstice Festival…

…visiting the Sacred Valley was a memorable part of our journey particularly the market in Pisac with all of its wonderful vibrant colors on display…

…our faithful mule-driver, together with his beautiful mules, followed us every day of the trek. On the fourth day the morning sun finally shone on those majestic peaks with the white mule standing out against the Salkantay Trail; a moment of pure magic…

…with Machu Picchu only one day away we boarded the train for Aguas Calientes. After six days of trekking sitting in the train, even for just one hour, was pure bliss…

…a day never to be forgotten, visiting the magnificent archeological wonder that is Machu Picchu. To read more of my impressions of this amazing day visit my blog of June 24th. I tried to do justice to the experience, and hopefully for those of you who have this on your bucket list you will be even more stimulated to make plans to go.

…so there are my five colors, Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green; I hope you like my choices, and as part of the contest we are asked to nominate five other fellow bloggers. Here are mine:

Dawn at
Rob at
Chelsea at
Angie at
Tara at

Good luck everyone and always travel safe…


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