Month: May 2013

Machu Picchu -15

…And now for something completely different, Kit’s Beach and English Bay painted on the iPad using the Sketchbook Pro app. It’s a lot of fun to use as you can see. Happy painting…

Machu Picchu -16

A final visit with Michele who has arranged our trip so brilliantly. A big thank you from both of us. Of course you know you can’t uncross those fingers till we’re back!

Then walking home I couldn’t resist capturing this very well-behaved couple waiting patiently on the sidewalk.


Machu Picchu -17

I thought I would post another photo from yesterday evening of Kit’s Beach and English Bay, a view that never fails to lift the spirit…I think I feel better already…Thanks for all your comments and good wishes. It’s getting closer!

Machu Picchu -18

One week to go and the poppies are kindly beginning their display before we leave. (For those of you just joining us see Machu Picchu -27 for the poppy reference). Yesterday (Tuesday) began with coffee with Kiran who is leaving to start her residency in Toronto and a happy meeting once again with Henry (same coffee shop one week later) who was having coffee with his dad. I wonder if he will be having coffee in Machu Picchu when we’re there!
Then it was time for some necessary cleaning and tidying in the studio ready for our return. At some point I’ll post some of my paintings.

The Boathouse at Kits Beach is a favorite for dinner particularly with our friends Betty, Ron and Sherri whom we joined last night. I really recommend the blackened steelhead trout in a Jamaican rum butter sauce; absolutely delicious and I have it every time!
Kit’s beach at sunset is a very special place…

Machu Picchu -19

…rain rain go away…

How about a delicious glass of Syrah from the de Vine Vineyard, with a slice of leak and ham quiche and a perfect goat cheese and beet salad. Sunday looks like she’s all ready…maybe not…that lululemon bag looks much more inviting!

Machu Picchu -21

A lovely Saturday visit with our daughter Natalia in Victoria visiting the wineries of the Saanich Peninsula. We tasted some wonderful wines at Symphony, de Vine (surely the best name for a vineyard), Dragonfly Hill and Starling Vineyards. Driving up the hill to the de Vine vineyard I thought I was back in Umbria.