coffee cat

No surprise our Sunday couldn’t face the news conference as she took the “catastrophic mistake” remark rather personally for some reason.

Studio 365: Day 272

Day 272 vi

Grounds for Dismissal

Today’s image is created entirely with freshly brewed espresso and discarded espresso coffee grounds on watercolor paper, and is the first painting of a new art movement to be called Espressoism, a movement of which I am at present the first and I believe only member! You are very welcome to join of course with your own coffee masterpieces, which I very much look forward to seeing.

Day 272 v   Day 272 iv

Wishing you all a very happy #NationalCoffeeDay wherever you may be enjoying your morning, afternoon or evening cup of joe.

Day 272 ii

P.S. A great way to celebrate my 700th post – hard to believe!

From Bean to Brew in Peru

Did you know that today is National Coffee Day? I certainly didn’t, particularly as everyday is National Coffee Day in our house. But it really is as I discovered on my Twitter feed this morning when I saw the hatch tag #nationalcoffeeday.

And so to celebrate this important day in the life of my fellow coffee drinkers everywhere I thought I would look back to our coffee plantation visit on Day 5 of our trek to Machu Picchu with Mountain Lodges of Peru in 2013, a day on which we all enjoyed a memorable cup of strong aromatic coffee having witnessed its journey from bean to cup…

…and a great way to respond to Kristin who asked us to show “a change in progress” for this week’s Photo Challenge: Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

…home made granola, carrot juice, the morning paper and a day when the foam worked for both cups of coffee! What could be better…

Machu Picchu – Trek Day 5

…Another glorious day hiking from the Colpa Lodge to the Lucma Lodge at Lucmabamba situated at a very manageable 7000 feet. Before leaving Pepe took us on a tour of Colpa Lodge’s orchid garden, which was a great start to the day. The trek took us down the Santa Teresa River Valley with the sound of the river heard flowing below us. We passed through coffee plantations and banana and avocado orchards. The vegetation was lush and quite different from the vegetation we have been seeing for the past few days high in the mountains. After a picnic break we were met by a small van that took us to the beginning of the Llactapata Inca Trail, which is the original Inca Trail. It was then only a short thirty minute hike to Lucma Lodge. Once again we were greeted by the wonderful Mountain Lodges of Peru staff with cool cloths and cold fresh passion fruit drinks. I can still taste how refreshing it was as I write this. After a wonderful lunch it was Hilde’s highlight, the coffee plantation where the coffee beans were roasted, ground and filtered in front of us; can you smell that delicious aroma? No we didn’t ask for an Americano misto or a decaf latte, but we did buy two bags of beans to bring home to remind us of the day. In the evening we had our final dinner as a group as Carlos leaves us tomorrow. Words of thanks were expressed by all. We have become quite a family. Tomorrow will be our first sighting of Machu Picchu. Hard to believe that after months of anticipation and five days of at times exhausting hiking we’re almost there. I’m sure you’re as excited as we are…


Machu Picchu -18

One week to go and the poppies are kindly beginning their display before we leave. (For those of you just joining us see Machu Picchu -27 for the poppy reference). Yesterday (Tuesday) began with coffee with Kiran who is leaving to start her residency in Toronto and a happy meeting once again with Henry (same coffee shop one week later) who was having coffee with his dad. I wonder if he will be having coffee in Machu Picchu when we’re there!
Then it was time for some necessary cleaning and tidying in the studio ready for our return. At some point I’ll post some of my paintings.

The Boathouse at Kits Beach is a favorite for dinner particularly with our friends Betty, Ron and Sherri whom we joined last night. I really recommend the blackened steelhead trout in a Jamaican rum butter sauce; absolutely delicious and I have it every time!
Kit’s beach at sunset is a very special place…