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A year ago today, June 4th 2013, we set off on our Peruvian adventure trekking to Machu Picchu. My post that day, Machu Picchu -11, featured a gallery of the gorgeous giant poppies that had only recently opened in our patio garden. Of course by the time we returned many of the blooms were long gone but as poppies do they returned again this year with a display just as beautiful as last year’s. It seemed only fitting to celebrate today’s one year anniversary of our never to be forgotten trip with a gallery of this year’s blooms, the first of which I recently posted.

Poppy amor, I admit it…

Remembrance Day


Vimy iib

3F673433-2D31-44A2-B59D-7C2ED6E9CB91.png Vimy i

…The video and images are from the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, which we visited last year. The memorial was designed by Walter Seymour Allward and unveiled on 26th July 1936.
Lest We Forget…

Machu Picchu -11


…It’s finally arrived: departure day! We’re packed, excited, and ready to go…well almost. Just a few last minute details as always. I wanted to share one last gallery of our beautiful poppies with you. They haven’t disappointed as you can see (see Machu Picchu -27). Next stop Lima. See you there…

Machu Picchu -18

One week to go and the poppies are kindly beginning their display before we leave. (For those of you just joining us see Machu Picchu -27 for the poppy reference). Yesterday (Tuesday) began with coffee with Kiran who is leaving to start her residency in Toronto and a happy meeting once again with Henry (same coffee shop one week later) who was having coffee with his dad. I wonder if he will be having coffee in Machu Picchu when we’re there!
Then it was time for some necessary cleaning and tidying in the studio ready for our return. At some point I’ll post some of my paintings.

The Boathouse at Kits Beach is a favorite for dinner particularly with our friends Betty, Ron and Sherri whom we joined last night. I really recommend the blackened steelhead trout in a Jamaican rum butter sauce; absolutely delicious and I have it every time!
Kit’s beach at sunset is a very special place…