Day: January 29, 2022

remembrance and protest

On this anniversary of the Quebec mosque attack on a day when we remember the six worshippers murdered and the nineteen injured five years ago I show our Canadian flag proudly because I refuse to display the images of hate and racism that are being seen not only in Ottawa today but around the country and the world.
To see the flag carried upside down adorned with a swastika or being flown next to a swastika flag on the back of a pickup truck, and to see people wearing the yellow Star of David stamped with the words “not vaxxed,” and “non vaccin,” it is all beyond comprehension. This is not free speech. These are symbols of hate speech and racism and look back to the worst of humanity. Who are these people? They do not belong in a Canada that I recognize. To equate the efforts of our caring society that is interested in ensuring the health and safety of all of its citizens with the criminality of the Nazi regime, demonstrates a level of ignorance that is beyond belief. I can only assume that they belong to the same rabble of unworthy citizenry that protested our healthcare heroes outside our hospitals not that long ago.
Whatever the outcome of the demonstrations in Ottawa, which for the most part seem peaceful enough, these despicable actions must be called out and protested, as I do now, in the strongest possible terms wherever and whenever they occur.