endless possibilities


How could I not respond to my wonderful friend Tina from Travels and Trifles who is hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge: Creativity in the time of Covid with her as always inspiring images and words.

A few weeks ago I was intrigued by my beautiful granddaughter’s Disney Read and Glow drawing tablet so my lovely daughter gave me a present of one for myself. Here are a few of my “creations” some of which I have already blogged about. In these challenging times it has been fun to explore the endless possibilities that this brilliant little children’s drawing tool provides.






Thanks Tina for always inspiring us with your Travels and Trifles.


  1. So incredible that you can create such beautiful images with a child’s toy. Your opener and the red pianist are incredible and make such a statement in their solitary colors. Why do I think your little granddaughter won’t be far behind you ?!😉

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  2. I didn’t realize the one of yours I had seen was made with this. Love them all, Andrew- so creative and vibrant. I think my granddaughter will love this. Thanks for the idea. 😊


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