a mini retrospective

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The Last 100 Days

Our world has changed so much over the past three months. This mini retrospective of some of my drawings and paintings, attempting to reflect the tumultuous times we have been living through, show moments of gratitude, heroism, loss, remembrance, inspiration, and protest. Let us hope that at the end of the next 100 days we can all be looking forward to the change that is so desperately needed, as we remember John Lewis and Rev. CT Vivian, two icons of the Civil Rights movement who died on 17th July.

Five years ago today I posted a similar retrospective of the then previous 100 days in the studio. My paintings reflected a very different world for me as you will see if you visit Studio 365: Day 200


  1. The art you’ve produced in the past 100 days is astonishing, Andrew. You’ve captured such an incredible spectrum of events and emotions — loss, hope, happiness, tragedy, belief, beauty, goodwill, humanity. Looking at this, one would never guess it’s all happened in the past 100 days. But such is 2020 — a year beyond description in words, better captured by your images that communicate the complex depth of every moment. Clearly, you see with your heart.


    1. Thank you Kelly for your lovely comments. 2020 is indeed a “year beyond description”. In the midst of all the suffering and heartache one of the pleasures is visiting CompassAndCamera each day. It’s an honor to be sharing these difficulties days with you. 💕


      1. Oh, you’re so sweet!! I agree — I feel like you and I are partnering through this day by day. I always know you’re there which is comforting in these strange times. The pleasure is mutual! 🙂

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