a painting a day


A bouquet for the first day of spring…

…but also to say thank you to all my friends, colleagues, nurses, students, residents and indeed all the health care workers here in British Columbia and around the world who are on the front line working so hard to keep us all safe. They are heroes all and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

But our hearts are also broken to know of those who are losing their lives every day as I send my condolences to all their grieving families around the world.

To help ease the pain we are all feeling and to give some purpose to my self-isolation my plan now is to post either a new or sometimes older painting each day during these difficult times, inspired by my WordPress friend Kelly who started a Daily Dose of Beauty yesterday on her wonderful CompassAndCamera blog to help us “feel and understand our shared humanity.” Thank you Kelly for inspiring us all with your words and photos.

Stay safe and well everyone.


      1. I haven’t been for quite a long time – managed to get stuck in a deep dark despair but I am blinking in the light of a new dawn and happy to be ‘back’ in this place, happy to see the wonderful work I loved before being produced and happy to be able to interact with people I hold in high regard again. The next step is writing and I have set myself a target of publishing a post tomorrow. Now that’s said I am forced to follow through.

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      2. Sorry to hear you haven’t been yourself but look forward to reading your post tomorrow which I know will make tomorrow a special day. Always here for you. Warmest wishes as always.

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